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Gene Jury workshops

The Gene Jury workshops use games and activities to explain modern genetic concepts. Children investigate and discuss case studies and act as a 'jury', considering different attitudes and expressing their opinion.

Scientists from Edinburgh University, trained in science communication, and with enhanced disclosure checks, visit schools to present the workshops. Each workshop takes about an hour to complete, and we bring all our own equipment. For more information about individual workshops please click on the relevant image below. For more information about organising a workshop, or to book, please go to our contact page.

cricket handset The workshops use 'cricket' handsets and voting software to allow every child participating in the project to register their opinion.

'The interactive lesson format addressed key elements of AifL. Children were involved in peer discussions and evaluation, ...and were fully motivated and engaged.'
Iain Dalglish, Headteacher, King's Park Primary, Midlothian


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