desginer babies resources

Introducing the concept

Activites Diary of scientist Link to design a baby game link to diamond nine discussion activity about designer babies Card sort MEet the docotor films
case stories Msterton Family case story Molly Nash and Faconi Anaemia Donovan family and eye cancer

link to video showing reomval of cell form early embryo for PGD What controls whether a baby will be a boy or a girl? Interview video. WHat are gene? Power point What is PGD powerpoint links to external designer babies material link to bbc broadband class about genetics and designer babies link to bbc article on eye cancer and PGD link to BBC news video 2006 UK clinic offers screening for 200 genetic diseases you tube video, Princetown prefessor Lee Silver You Tube video Panel discussion on genetic testing - Alan Trounson

Not sure where to start? Try our pathway suggestion:

links for a suggested pathway WHat are gene? Power point link to diamond nine discussion activity about designer babies design a baby game Masterton family case story Molly nash and saviour siblings

Workshops Background designer babies workshop Build a monster workshop Whose DNA is it anyway? GM'll fix it! workshop Bye, Bye Biodiversity workshop
Meet the doctor!