DNA Detectives game

Who is this game for? Anyone age over 9 years, ideally 10-15 years of age.
What does it cover?

Curriculum for Excellence 2-14b, 3-14b, 2-20a, 3-20a, 2-20b, 3-20b

Introduces the concept of DNA being used to identify people, specifically as evidence at a crime scene, and the role of the National DNA Database in solving crime.

Leads on to ethical discussion for the class, where the ethics of police obtaining DNA from people and the use of DNA databases are raised.

Topical science, genetic technology and impact on modern life.

How long will it take to make and play? 15 minutes to print, cut, and laminate resources for four groups. 30 minutes to play, and additional time for discussion.

You will need:

These can be printed out in the number needed.

The teachers instruction guide explains how the game is set up, how the game proceeds, and guides the discussion after the game.

We recommend that all of the cards and sheets (except the worksheet and instruction guide) are printed out in colour and laminated, although the game can be played without doing this.

To access our "Science in School" article describing the DNA detectives game click here




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