Whose DNA is it anyway? Workshop

This workshop considers the availability of our genetic information and asks pupils to consider who they think should have access to it.

  • Do our genes alone decide what we are like?
  • What information might we find in our genes?
  • Who might be interested in our genetic information and why?

This workshop involves the whole class in a 'super-hero' activity. Pupils are asked to consider the benefits and consequences of knowing about our genes.

Suitable for classes P6 and above. Workshop takes about an hour to complete and we bring all our own equipment. For more information and booking please go to our contact page.

Kids taking part in Whose DNA? activity

Kids taking part in Whose DNA? workshop

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'I liked how it made me think about who should have access to my genes.'
p7 pupil, South Morningside primary School, Edinburgh.

'It's Kl!'
p7 pupil, Dalry primary School, Edinburgh.

'Very informative and engaging.'
South Morningside primary SchoolTeacher

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