GM: Changing Genes Workshop

This workshop explores genetic modification (GM) : the use of science to change the genes of living things. 

  • Where should we draw the line for GM?
  • Would you be happy using a GM medicine?
  • How about eating GM food or even owning a GM pet?

Primary school children consider the importance of gene instructions in a crazy mixed up sheep game. Later everyone plays a game where they can perform their own genetic modification on an imaginary creature and consider what the outcome might be.

A special version is also available for older pupils including those preparing for Standard grades and Highers. This can involve either a single gene cross game or a two gene cross game, dependent on pupils experience.

All levels discuss real life cases of genetic modification, and the public and media debate surrounding them.

Suitable for classes P6 and above. Workshop takes about an hour to complete and we bring all our own equipment. For more information and booking please go to our contact page.

GM'll fix it medal


Kids playing GM game

Kids taking part in GM workshop activity

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