Build a Monster Workshop

This workshop looks at living things and how they grow and change. Genes are introduced as instructions or recipes for development.

  • Is it useful to know about genes?
  • How do genes work?
  • Which genes decide how we look and which genes are hidden?
  • Will the monster detectives catch the infamous apple muncher? Will knowing about his genes help the detectives?
  • Who should know about hidden genes?

This workshop contains a game where children create, and dress up as, a monster using genes, and think about the monsters' hidden genes.

Suitable for P4, 5, & 6 classes. Workshop takes about an hour to complete and we bring all our own equipment. For more information and booking please go to our contact page.

kids in monster costumes Child dressing up as part of the build a monster activity

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'I liked it when we made monsters but I liked learning about genes too.'
Primary 4 pupil, King's Park Primary School, Midlothian

'All the children managed to gain something from this workshop. It was well presented and kept the children involved.'
King's Park Primary school teacher

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